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For a theory that supposedly is the only thing that makes sense of biology, evolution has produced a lot of errors, plus a fraud or hoax or two.

cow's udders - science vs evolutionism

Evo Boo-boos (science vs. evolutionism)

Evolutionism is bad for the science of evolution.

Creationists are not against the science of evolution but evolutionism, although there’s no telling how many are unaware of that. For their part, many evolutionists deny there is such a thing as evolutionism.  However, if we look at a number of things which creationists point out as failures of evolutionism, we see that they are examples of science gone bad due to evolutionism corrupting the scientific study of evolution.  I like to call these examples “Evo Boo-boos” for short. Continue reading Evo Boo-boos (science vs. evolutionism)

The Beginning of Scientific Mythology

This first article in the “Bad Science” category was inspired by  “D’ya hear about the moon-bison?” by Lynda Walsh in The Scientist Weekend March 2, 2007.

As I researched the historical context of Darwin’s great myth of common descent of all life from microbial ancestors, possibly from chemicals coming together in some “warm, little pond,” I was struck by how many strange and just plain bad things began during the same period. The 19th century saw the rise of a number of cults, and toward the end of the 1800s there was a strong (but wrong) feeling that science was on the verge of having answered all the major questions, and the 20th century would only see the filling in of lesser details. These are subjects I may explore later. The article by Walsh touches on some of the hoaxes of the time that involved or were related to scientific discoveries.   Continue reading The Beginning of Scientific Mythology