According to several definitions, I’m an evolutionist. Some creationists chafe at terms like “evolution” and “natural selection,” but I’m not going to fuss. Evolutionism couldn’t have become so popular and powerful if there weren’t some real science of evolution (more or less) behind it.  So there may be some surprises when you click the Evolution tab.

Planned categories:

1. Dinos
2. Reptiles other than dinos
3. Plants
4. KvT (Kinds versus Transitions): Natural Selection
5. KvT: Peppered Moths & other variations
6. KvT: Vestigial organs, lost parts
7. KvT: Genetic & Biochem Surprises, Mysteries
8. KvT: HOX, ERVs
9. KvT: Rapid but limited change
10. KvT: Hybrids
11. KvT: Evo alternatives: Lateral, punk eek, symbiosis, EvoDevo