If you’re looking for traditional “creation science” websites, try these:

Creation Research Society – for creationists who are ready to get serious

Institute for Creation Research – has both advanced and popular levels

Answers in Genesis – mostly popular-level but has advanced journal

Creation Ministries International – This completes my “Big Four”

Creation Research – major ministry in Australia, with John MacKay

Truth and Science Institute – Speaker Arv Edgeworth

Revolution Against Evolution – watch TV shows; also has text resources

The Insect Man – “West Virginia’s Best-Known Enemy of Evolution”

Even more links on Karl Priest’s (the Insect Man) website

Intelligent Design and Creation Science – solid, thoughtful essays

Thinknowlogy – an AI program, and Fair Science

Real Science Radio – with Bob Enyart and Fred Williams

Northwoods Creation Association — for creationists in Wisconsin

Genesis Science Network – “Live” online TV shows

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum – Joe Taylor is an expert at casting fossils

Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries – Speaker Russ Miller

Creation-Evolution Headlines – like my news comments, only better

Creation Safaris – Trips and outdoor activities with creation themes

Creation Science for Kids – For older children running into evolution

Creation Science Movement – The first anti-Darwinism group

Creation Studies Institute – Tom DeRosa and company

Creation Wiki – great for sheer volume of quality material

True.Origin Archive – another large treasure trove of creationist texts

Dr. Robert A. Herrmann – creationist mathematician, unique intellect



A few evolutionary sites I’d like to include for educational purposes:

Evolution for the Humanities – Atheist evolutionist anti-Darwinist

Tree of Life Web Project – Evolutionary but fun and educational

The Third Way of Evolution – Evolution with a lot of bells and whistles


More to come, I expect.